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Free Heritage Open Day event

Come along and find out more about our WWI themed project and look at ways to learn about film making and get involved with training and activities as well as research skills.

Strike a Light, in partnership with Brighton & Hove Library and Information Service, and Fabrica showcases its WWI themed project The Orange Lilies – Brighton and Hove Soldiers in the Somme.
Frederick Geroge Stoner 1914The project focusses the city’s legacy of the Somme and a significant event on the eve of this (where huge numbers of Brighton soldiers fell), The Battle of Boar’s Head (also known as The Day that Sussex Died), as a key part of WWI, and its’ subsequent impact on Brighton and Hove.
Frederick George Stoner (1914)

Come along and find out more about this epic piece of local history, and find out ways to get involved with the project, learn about film making and gain research skills. Arts and heritage organisation Strike a Light and partners will – through key activities, training, collaboration and mentoring – work with young people to commemorate the effects of the Battle of the Somme on the city, uncovering Brighton’s Great War heritage for future generations.
LITA - Black RockUsing archives and artefacts to inform creative learning, our unique approach involves young people researching and producing a series of short films to share this WWI centenary theme; creating textile interpretations of significant battles; and attending talks and study days; whilst receiving support from local historians, including a local Royal Sussex Regimental military expert.

Image courtesy of Letter in the Attic project from QueenSpark Books

Opening Times

  • Friday 9 September: 1-7pm
  • Saturday 10 September: 1-5pm

Booking Details

No booking required


Inside Brighton’s Open Market (off London Road) on the top Mezzanine Level. Access lift beside stairs to the Mezzanine level

Additional information

Through The Orange Lilies project, we will aim to show the seismic changes in Brighton and Hove society as a result of the Somme. On 1st July 1916, the start of the battle of the Somme, it was said you could hear the cannons from France at a cricket match in Brighton. This project focuses on the city’s legacy of the Somme and a significant battle on the eve of this, Boar’s Head, as a key part of WWI, and its’ impact on Brighton and Hove. We seek to explore, through the lives of the local soldiers and residents, the effects on the life of the city as a result.


There is an accessible lift by the stairs to the Mezzanine level and doors upstairs are wheelchair accessible.



Organised by

Strike a Light