Dementia Awareness Training

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Dementia Awareness Training
As the UK population ages, more and more people are suffering from or coping with the effects of dementia but this doesn’t mean that life should be difficult. When remembering the past, the brain works quite normally in those with dementia. With reminiscence, we look at what a person can do rather than what they can’t and encourage them in simple exercises.  Using reminiscence in this context is a way to recapture the past and use it to enrich daily life.

During this one day workshop for staff, volunteers and freelancers, we will build on all five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound and taste) to improve stimulation for engagement with individuals living with dementia.

This one day training is:

  • Designed purposely for people with dementia
  • Range from visual art to storytelling and drama.
  • The activities are designed to be simple to deliver.
  • Aim to inspire care facilities to think in the ‘Present Moment’ and around an ‘Imagination’ model as well as a reminiscence model of engagement.

 Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate  understanding of how dementia may affect someone’s cognitive abilities (ie memory, understanding, perception, planning, communication, etc)
  • Demonstrate understanding of how  non-verbal communication and cues can enhance and support meaningful interaction
  • Identify and apply innovative techniques to engage, spark conversation and support individuals to connect with what is important for them now
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role of life story work and multisensory experiences in supporting well-being
  • Understand ways in which distressed behaviour can be read as an expression of underlying needs, and  identify strategies to help explore and address those needs more effectively

A free training pack with resources for each participant is provided as part of the course

One day training: £120 organisations/£95 Individuals

Please email: to book a session, or discuss group booking discounts.

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